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Minoru Shirasawa Plofile

Minoru Shirasawa and his Works

Furthermore, while operating an obstetrics and gynecology clinic in Tatebayashi City, Minoru Shirasawa drew two sketches of babies born at the Shirasawa Clinic. One sketch was a birthday gift, while the other was preserved in the Shirasawa Museum of Art. These sketches became irreplaceable treasures, for the parents and their children, the only ones of its kind in the world.
Twenty years later, the 'baby sketches' preserved in the Shirasawa Museum of Art were unveiled to the public. Upon seeing the sketches depicting themselves as newborns, the individuals who had since grown into adults reflected on the joy of their birth and expressed gratitude towards their parents.
Throughout his career as an obstetrician and gynecologist, Minoru Shirasawa contributed to local healthcare and continued to depict the beauty of Gunma.

The blue and green paints used in landscape paintings were light, neutral hues, reminiscent of Cezanne's palette, which led to Minoru Shirasawa being dubbed as "the Japanese Cezanne" when he won awards overseas. His distinctive painting style, characterized by a blend of Western tones and a Japanese essence, evoked a sense of harmony between the two cultures.

While practicing as an obstetrician, Minoru Shirasawa embarked on his journey as a painter, capturing the beautiful natural scenery and townscapes of his hometown, Tatebayashi, on canvas. He also frequently made sketching trips abroad, visiting the fishing ports of northern France, which is favored by Impressionist painters, and depicting shepherds grazing sheep on the plains of Central Asia.



Major Awards

"Greenery Village" - Exhibited at the 11th World Peace Art Exhibition in Okinawa, 1996. Awarded the Grand Trophy for Art and Cultural World Prize."Great Earth" - Year of Production Unknown. Received the Mainichi Graph Prize at the Daiichi Bijyutu Exhibition in 1984. Title unknown.Hand-Colored Print - Created in 1986. Awarded the 1986 Japan Print Award.
"Great Earth (Tunisia), Herd of Sheep" - Year of Production Unknown. Awarded at the Grande Arche Exhibition in 1988.
"Mountain Pathway" - Created in 1998. Awarded the Fuji Television Prize at the 1998 Japan-France Yokohama Exhibition.
"Jinbei" - Created in 1990. Received the Arts Discussion Prize in February 1992.
"Small Mountain Pass" - Year of Production Unknow. Won the Silver Prize at the Atlanta Pacific Rim Art Exhibition in 1996.
"Children of the Southern Country" - Created in 1992. Awarded the 1996 Fantaziriarizka Award at the Florence Art Festival Exhibition (Gallery Mondale).
"Path through the Field" - Created in 1998. Received the Fuji Television Prize at the 1998 Japan-France Yokohama Exhibition.
"Early Spring on the Joshin Road" - Created in 1999. Awarded at the 2nd Grande Arche Japan Festival, 1999 Creative Art Award.
"Coolness - Lady with Wisteria Chair" - Created in 1991. Received the Outstanding Artist Award in the Beauty Painting Department at the 2001 Main Themes in Art.

Representative Works Featuring Tatebayashi

Representative Works Featuring Overseas


Shirasawa Museum of Art

Shirasawa Museum of Art

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