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Message from Director


Takuji Shirasawa

Born in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1958 and raised in Gunma Prefecture.
Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at Chiba University in 1982 and subsequently joined the Department of Respirology.
In 1990, he completed his doctoral program at the Graduate School of Medicine at the same university, obtaining a Doctor of Medicine degree.
He served as a researcher in the Pathology Division and later as the head of the Neurophysiology Division at the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology. He also led the Molecular Aging Research Group and the Aging Genome Biomarker Research Team. From 2007 to 2015, he held the position of Professor at the Department of Aging Control Medicine in the Graduate School of Medicine at Juntendo University, where his lectures abroad received high acclaim. His specialties include molecular genetics of lifespan control genes, molecular genetics of Alzheimer's disease, and genetic research on athletes.

Takuji Shirasawa holds various leadership positions, including Chairman of the International Society of Preventive Medicine, Chairman of the Japan Anti-Aging Food Association, Director of the Ochanomizu Health & Longevity Clinic, Representative of the Residence of Hope in Tatebayashi, Chairman of the Dementia Subcommittee of the International Personalized Medicine Association, and Chairman of the Medical Corporation Kencho-kai.

Director:Takuji Shirasawa


    During my elementary school years, Minoru Shirasawa, my father's studio was tucked away in the attic, an extension built atop the garage adjacent to the children's room. Though physically linked to the Shirasawa Clinic, it perched on the second floor, nestled at the far end of our home. With only the children's room and the studio occupying the second floor,

I vividly recall the narrow staircase—a challenging feat to navigate while transporting even a 50-size canvas. Reflecting on those days, I remain amazed at how the sizable paintings, including the grand 100-size pieces, produced in the small studio, were transported and showcased at the annual "Daiichi Bijyutu Exhibition" in Ueno during early spring.

My memory extends to when he relocated his studio to its present location at the museum. This move coincided with the demolition of a warehouse situated on the property's edge, occurring as his home was rebuilt near the herb garden in front of the museum. It was then that his long-held aspiration for a spacious studio finally materialized. Many of his masterful works, marking his maturation as an artist, were crafted within the studio on the museum's first floor.

 In June 2011, Minoru Shirasawa, passed away at the age of 85, and my mother, Chieko Shirasawa, passed away in February 2015 at the age of 88. I pondered deeply on how to preserve the legacy of the Shirasawa Clinic and Studio, as a local asset. As a result, I decided to merge the Shirasawa Art Museum with facilities dedicated to dementia care, which aligned with my expertise. By integrating the museum into a clinic specializing in dementia treatment and an elderly care facility, I envisioned creating an environment where Minoru's paintings could be exhibited for both patients and residents to enjoy, almost as if living within an art gallery. I fulfilled his wishes, firmly believing in my father's expressed desire to have his works appreciated by as many people as possible. Consequently, in March 2018, the private elderly care home Residence of Hope Tatebayashi, Tatebayashi Health & Longevity Clinic, and Shirasawa Art Museum were simultaneously inaugurated.


    Time flies, and six years have passed since our inauguration. As we approach the milestone of our sixth year, it's time to renew the museum's website. I take great joy in realizing that the medical and artistic legacy my parents built in Tatebayashi, our hometown, has solidified into a cherished local heritage. I express my heartfelt gratitude to the local community who have continuously supported us since the era of the Shirasawa Clinic.

February 2, 2024

Takuji Shirasawa, Director of Shirasawa Museum of Art

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Cognitive function restoration and detoxification nerve regeneration treatment

Tatebayashi Health and Longevity Clinic

Operated by Dr. Shirasawa, a leading anti-aging specialist

Takuji Shirasawa, a researcher in longevity genes.

Achieve health and longevity


Shirasawa Museum of Art

Shirasawa Museum of Art

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